“”Diversity in Wallonie” online platform- Belgium

This platform gathers a set of information and tools to support the management of diversity in human resources and in the labour market. Employers, workers and other interested people can find brochures, literature, videos, legal texts, etc.

Accreditation of prior experiential learning

Anyone over 18 years of age with work experience, but without a diploma, can have their skills in certain professions validated free of charge. After passing a skills validation test (placement) at an approved center, people can obtain a qualification issued on behalf of the regional authority. With this official document, asylum seekers and refugees […]

Access2University- UCL Louvain Belgium

Access2University is a university preparation program for asylum seekers and refugees who plan to attend university. They must have a minimum level in the national language. They can participate in three types of activities: – French courses – At least a course in the field of study – Guidance support to define the study project


The ARCADA project, launched in 2005 by the CIRE association, offers courses and workshops compatible with migrants’ reality of living in Belgium. The project offers internships and courses to asylum seekers willing to be professionally active, in order to broaden their network and help their careers evolve, taking into account their fragile situation.

Guidelines for stricter cooperation of employment for asylum seekers and refugees

FEDASIL, manager of the host network, developed these guidelines in collaboration with several European partners. This document includes data on migrants and asylum seekers, an assessment of the European framework of labour inclusion, and several guidelines and examples of good practices on Screening, Skills Gap Bridging and Matching.

Duo for a Job- Intergenerational coaching

DUO for a JOB connects young unemployed immigrants with people over 50 who have professional experience in relevant fields, and who can mentor and support them in job seeking. The mentor and the mentored meet together for at least 2 hours per week for six months. 3 out of every 4 mentored find a job, […]