SINGA offers entrepreneurial courses to contribute to innovation via migration, through support based on collective intelligence and intercultural exchange. SINGA enables migrants or disadvantaged people to think, develop and test entrepreneurial projects.

Empowering migrants at the territorial level

“My JMDI Toolbox” offers a flexible and comprehensive tool for local stakeholders (local authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia, international organizations etc.) to mainstream migration into local development planning, in order to be able to better harness the development potential of migration. The contents of the Toolbox were designed as a direct response to the […]

Vocational Education Guide

This ‘Vocational Education Guide’ is a series of videos prepared by YUVA association especially for young migrants. In the videos, that can be accessed via YouTube, the definitions of professional and vocational education, and the institutions that can be supported in this regard, are explained. These videos, narrated in Turkish, can also be watched with […]