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Domestic Workers Employment Rights – Citizens Information

Citizens Information is a Government resource to provide information on the social and civil rights of everyone in Ireland. They offer information on a range of topics including employment, health, social welfare, money and tax, moving country, housing, education and training. They have Citizen Information Centres across Ireland and a free Citizens Information phone line.

Their page on Domestic Workers Employment Rights covers:

– Introduction and link to the Workplace Commission’s PDF on Employment Rights of Domestic Workers and The Code of Practice for Protecting Persons Employed in Other People’s Homes
– Employment rights: employment equality legislation, contract of employment, wages and taxes, deductions from wages, sick pay, hours of work, dignity and privacy, annual leave and public holidays, employment records, dismissal and notice
– Paying tax, USC and PRSI for a domestic worker
– Further information: links to The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
– Where to apply: contact details of the Workplace Relations Commission, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the MRCI are provided


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