The PROACTE program aims to better define the labour market and redesign your professional project. This program is delivered by the DECOUVRIR association which supports qualified migrant women in their processes of professional inclusion in Geneve and French-speaking Switzerland. PROACTE includes: 4 one-day training modules 1 one-day hands-on workshop 4 events of networking and information […]

9 projects launched by migrant entrepreneurs of COMBO

This article addresses the results of a support program for professional inclusion called COMBO, launched in March 2019 by the two associations Makesense and Elan Interculturel. ( It aims to promote cultural and social diversity through entrepreneurship. Over an 8 month period, each refugee will be provided with individual follow-up, including training, workshops, mentoring […]

Guide for refugees

Aimed at beneficiaries of international protection, as well as at employers and social workers, Info Emploi Réfugiés is accessible to the greatest number of people, and is specifically designed for each audience: – Beneficiaries of international protection will sometimes be redirected to services that can help them – Employers will find clear and concise answers […]

Pai’r: Promoting the social inclusion of young refugees

An online platform, implemented by The French Red Cross, that enables all interested people to create or participate in projects carried out to promote and support the social inclusion of young refugees. In addition to this platform, The French Red Cross supports project managers via methodological and financial support. It also connects them with relevant […]

Call for proposals- professional inclusion of refugees

This call for proposals, implemented by the Ministry of Labour, aims to promote the development of new collaborations,or the strengthening of existing ones, between public and private stakeholders, whether they are historical or emergent, to become experts of asylum and vocational inclusion and training.

Practical Guide for unemployed migrant women

This guide is addressed to migrant women to provide them with, on the one hand, the key elements required to better understand the socio-educative environment and, on the other hand, the key information needed to enter the labour market.

Action Emploi Réfugiés (AERé)

Action Emploi Refugiés is a service that connects refugees and employers in France. After its creation in 2016, AERe became the tool of reference for refugees looking for jobs in France. The association’s focus is on helping refugee integration by counting on the support of institutional and non-profit partners as well as businesses. Through its […]

“”Diversity in Wallonie” online platform- Belgium

This platform gathers a set of information and tools to support the management of diversity in human resources and in the labour market. Employers, workers and other interested people can find brochures, literature, videos, legal texts, etc.