Free online Care training courses

Reed UK offers free online certified courses in Care training in a number of different areas: for example: – Your future career starts here: becoming an NHS healtcare support worker; End of Life Care Level 2; Dementia Care Level 2, etc.

Carers Trust – Free online courses for Carers

Carers Trust provide courses online to support carers, and many of the courses they offer are free. For example, Caring for Adults is a free, introductory course for anyone in a caring role. This course is one of 6 free courses provided by Social Partnerships Network. It also provides a search engine where carers can […]

Training Modules and Courses for Care Workers – Dementia and Covid 19

Social Care Wales has developed a quick-learning guide on basic skills required to support someone living with dementia. It is suggested the guide be used in a new carer’s induction or for care workers to read in their own time. On their website they also provide information on: 1. Understanding dementia 2. Understanding dementia and […]

Training Modules and Courses for Care Workers

Social Care Wales has developed video resources to help carers to have a good ‘what matters’ conversation with people who need care. This is a way to establish their situation, their current well-being, and what can be done to help them. There are 4 videos available: 1. Good beginnings 2. Working with people 3. Why […]