Guide for migrants’ recruitment

This guide provides material that can be used by both employers and employees, as well as anyone offering guidance, as a support tool to cover legal rights and procedures. It also offers a decalogue to follow in order to offer equal opportunities, including putting value on non-formal acquired competences as well as competences built in […]

Stories about caring and (in)equality

This document is a compendium of migrant females working in the care sector and how they face inequality. At the end of the document, some challenges are highlighted, such as the need to raise awareness of, and put value on, the care services that are performed in private settings.

Basic guidance for migrants

Guide covering the most basic needs that any migrant looking for guidance will require, such as legal support, education access and education standardization.

Gender perspective oriented labour counselling

This document aims to support the labour counsellor in incorporating the gender perspective into sessions. It has a specific section on how to proceed, and how to understand a female migrant user.

Intercultural mediation

This clip, produced and published by National Spanish TV, shows part of the debate about intercultural mediation, its main uses, and the contributions to society of this practice.

Practical guide for inclusive communication

This practical guide offers the key elements to keep in mind during any communication, in a business or public space, in order to be gender friendly. This guide can be used also to work on inclusion from a migration point of view.

AOSLA: Resources

Set of OER, published by the national job counsellors’ association, that covers aspects such as group activities to learn how to reformulate questions on a positive note.