Employment 4 inclusion

E4I is a EU project of the Erasmus + Programme and it aims to: – Develop and provide an integral training program for professionals with the most innovative tools and an interactive model for the social and labour inclusion of MNAR (migrants, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees) – Provide professionals working with migrants with the […]

ELLE project: Empowerment of migrant women through Literacy and Language Learning

This article is about ELLE project, an Erasmus + program. The partners first focused on producing an assessment of the specific needs of low-skilled migrant women in Europe. Three outputs were then created to provide tools for teachers, educators, trainers and counselors working in the field of adult education and career guidance: . An ELLE […]

REST project

The main aim of REST is to enhance staff managers’ competences and willingness to employ and to successfully interact with refugees. The project is going to develop a comprehensive modular training concept consisting of face-to-face workshops, coaching support and training material, as well as networking facilities on an internet platform to assist enterprises in the […]

Competendo: Digital toolbox

The digital toolbox of Competendo gathers some tools and materials that, following their mission, builds a bridge between the theoretical dimension (competency concept and validation frameworks), societal impact (socio-political dimension), and the practical working fields of workers in formal and non-formal education (field dimension).