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The Women Return to Work

The Women Return to Work is a project funded for two years under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships with the partnership of Sweden, England, Poland and Turkey. The main goal of the project is to prepare women of all ages (local, migrant, refugee and disabled) to return to employment or entrepreneurship after a period of economic inactivity, by developing their key skills and competencies to improve labour mobility (especially in rural areas where finding employment can prove more difficult), by helping them to explore opportunities to create employment.Some of the objectives of the project are noted below:
• To exchange ideas, to develop, adapt and transfer new methods and tools between partner regions to help women develop skills and competencies to return to work
• To empower women, through practical and theoretical methods, to build confidence, develop skills and competencies, and identify career paths
• To create flexible movement of the labour market regionally, in the EU, and Internationally
To reach these objectives, each partner had a specific area of expertise to support women in their region return to work;
• Sweden: Mentoring
• UK: Entrepreneurship & Networks
• Poland: Working after Parenthood and Disability
• Turkey: Personal and Professional Development of Refugee Women


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Project n° 2020-1-FR01-KA204-080142

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