Inclusion of migrant women in Hauts-de-France GRDR Migration-Citizenship-Development

This video is provided by the GRDR association. It describes how this association helps migrant women to better integrate in society. The association offers: – Facilitation / co-facilitation of thematic exchange workshops – Art based workshops for self-esteem, identification of skills etc. – Workshops with local stakeholders The project aims to contribute to enhancing the […]

Intercultural mediation

This clip, produced and published by National Spanish TV, shows part of the debate about intercultural mediation, its main uses, and the contributions to society of this practice.

Linguistic Support for Adult Refugees

The Council of Europe has prepared an online toolkit to offer practical support to organisations providing linguistic assistance for adult refugees, for it is essential to enable refugees to learn to communicate in the host society as quickly as possible. The toolkit fulfils this need by facilitating exchanges,initially in emergency situations, and subsequently educating refugees […]

Migrant Women’s experience of working in the care sector and domestic work in Turkey

This video consists of an interview with a Filipino migrant woman with care sector experience, who has already been living in Turkey for 20 years. Starting from her own experience, she talks about other migrant women’s experiences of working in the care sector. In the video, besides migrant women’s experiences, Connie mentions the reasons they […]


This project aims to enhace the self-reliance of refugees through life-skill training and school-support programs, in order to contribute to the sustainable life of refugees in Turkey, by strengthening their cohesion with the host community. The project is funded by PRM and started in October 2016. Education support facilities will be established in Adana and […]

Vocational Education Guide

This ‘Vocational Education Guide’ is a series of videos prepared by YUVA association especially for young migrants. In the videos, that can be accessed via YouTube, the definitions of professional and vocational education, and the institutions that can be supported in this regard, are explained. These videos, narrated in Turkish, can also be watched with […]

Migration Videos

This is a series of videos offering guidance and insight for adult trainers in terms of migration issues and challenges, that has been created within the scope of Erasmus+ programme of the European Union Migrants & Refugees As RE – BUILDERS Erasmus + KA2 Cross-border Intercultural and Societal Entrepreneurs. There are 4 videos with 4 […]

Training Modules and Courses for Care Workers – Dementia and Covid 19

Social Care Wales has developed a quick-learning guide on basic skills required to support someone living with dementia. It is suggested the guide be used in a new carer’s induction or for care workers to read in their own time. On their website they also provide information on: 1. Understanding dementia 2. Understanding dementia and […]