72 proposals for an ambitious integration policy for foreigners arriving in France

This report, intended for the Prime Minister, has been developed by the deputy of the Val-d’Oise region, Mr TACHÉ, in February 2018. It provides 72 proposals for better ways to integrate strangers in France. In the 3.3.2 paragraph,”Freeing up access to the labor market”, the French deputy recommends removing legal barriers that prevent access to […]

Guide for refugees

Aimed at beneficiaries of international protection, as well as at employers and social workers, Info Emploi Réfugiés is accessible to the greatest number of people, and is specifically designed for each audience: – Beneficiaries of international protection will sometimes be redirected to services that can help them – Employers will find clear and concise answers […]

Call for proposals- professional inclusion of refugees

This call for proposals, implemented by the Ministry of Labour, aims to promote the development of new collaborations,or the strengthening of existing ones, between public and private stakeholders, whether they are historical or emergent, to become experts of asylum and vocational inclusion and training.

Practical Guide for unemployed migrant women

This guide is addressed to migrant women to provide them with, on the one hand, the key elements required to better understand the socio-educative environment and, on the other hand, the key information needed to enter the labour market.

Refugees work: a humanitarian investment that yelds economic dividends

Illustrated economic report which considers that “welcoming refugees is not a humanitarian and legal obligation; it is an investment that can yeld many economic dividends”. This detailed analysis aims to convince the reader, with data, charts, theories and facts, that refugees should not be seen as threats, but as agents of growth, providing economic opportunities […]

The practice of advocacy as seen by French associations

This manual has been developed by Vox Populi, an association created in 2016, aiming to support French civil society’s players involved in fighting segregation, social injustice, and inequality. The manual gathers tips and good practices, but mainly guidelines and recommendations, for policy and decision makers. The main purpose of the association, and of this manual, […]

Guidelines for stricter cooperation of employment for asylum seekers and refugees

FEDASIL, manager of the host network, developed these guidelines in collaboration with several European partners. This document includes data on migrants and asylum seekers, an assessment of the European framework of labour inclusion, and several guidelines and examples of good practices on Screening, Skills Gap Bridging and Matching.


This training offer is provided by IRTS (Regional Institute of Social Work). It is intended for professionals in the social, medico-social and health sector, volunteers or all stakeholders working with migrants or asylum seekers. It is made up of six specific training courses: -Fostering communication with a non french-speaking user -Conducting an interview within the […]

REST project

The main aim of REST is to enhance staff managers’ competences and willingness to employ and to successfully interact with refugees. The project is going to develop a comprehensive modular training concept consisting of face-to-face workshops, coaching support and training material, as well as networking facilities on an internet platform to assist enterprises in the […]

Guide for migrants’ recruitment

This guide provides material that can be used by both employers and employees, as well as anyone offering guidance, as a support tool to cover legal rights and procedures. It also offers a decalogue to follow in order to offer equal opportunities, including putting value on non-formal acquired competences as well as competences built in […]