Handbook for Caregivers about Dementia

In Greece the number of people with dementia is 200.000, but the quality of educational tools about the management of the disease is not satisfactory. The handbook has been designed for caregivers, and commits to raising awareness about the behavioral symptoms of dementia, to supply caregivers with cutting-edge practices and creative activities to maintain functionality […]

Methodological Approach for Supporting Caregivers

Apart from supporting patients, it is crucial to provide consultation and support to their caregivers as well. The published paper considers that a holistic methodology to successfully support caregivers should be based on the pillars of: a) psychological support b) financial support c) spiritual support and d) education during all the stages of the diseases […]

Care Plan Guide for Caregivers

Care Plan Guide is a handbook designed for informal care workers. The guide has the necessary interactive tools for monitoring the care worker’s activities to keep the care worker up-to-date, provide information about time management, stress and crisis management tips, and various methodological approaches to facilitate the caregiving.

Handbook for Caretakers Affected by Mental Issues

The handbook tries to build compassion towards people with severe mental issues and raise the awareness of the challenges they have to face to in order to cope in society. After reading this manual, care workers, both formal and informal, will be able to successfully approach their patients, empower them to integrate to formal occupations, […]

Integration Measures for Migrant Workers

In 2010, the Greek Government implemented an innovation named “labour ticket” (Ergosimo) to prevent informal settings in care sectors, by imposing Article 20, law no. 3863/2010. Employees engaged in care sectors can be legally insured and receive full insurance benefits, since employers are obligated to pay the amount of the Ergosimo (which is equal to […]

Recommendations to Improve the Care Sector’s Quality

This paper, issued by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, makes many recommendations that can improve the working quality of female migrant care workers. Firstly, authors highlight the need for the Government to facilitate the recognition of the legal and independent status of migrant women, because they are mostly recognized as dependent family […]

Legislative Framework on Immigration

Immigration policies no. 2910/2001, no. 3386/2005 and the latest, no. 3536/2007 were settled, advocating the social integration of migrants into Greek society. Based on the latest regulation, the process of issuing residence permits had been revised to facilitate the procedure in terms of convenience, by expediting the issuance waiting period, increasing the duration of the […]

Recommendations About Labour Rights Protection and Labour Trafficking

In this article, the authors recommend policies to ameliorate labour rights protection and trigger trafficking responses. Regarding the first part: a) Labour Inspectorates should tactfully and vigilantly acknowledge and audit complaints from domestic workers since in-house spot-checks are impracticable b) The existing regulatory framework on domestic work should be revisited c) Financial incentives should be […]

Material for Carers

The Psychogeriatric Company “Nestor” has built material for carers of patients affected by Alzheimer disease. Their website provides several handbooks that contain information and practices on issues such as the basic principles of the disease, general rules for the safety of patients inside and outside the house, and exercises on how to alleviate the burden […]

Emerging Issues in the In-House Care Sector

Individuals who offer in-house care to patients suffering from several diseases are lacking education and experience, with regards to the disease of their patient. And the supervision of their work is negligible, as it is rare for a professional to oversee and advise them. The handbook presents all the potential risks a caregiver may face: […]