Refugees work: a humanitarian investment that yelds economic dividends

Illustrated economic report which considers that “welcoming refugees is not a humanitarian and legal obligation; it is an investment that can yeld many economic dividends”. This detailed analysis aims to convince the reader, with data, charts, theories and facts, that refugees should not be seen as threats, but as agents of growth, providing economic opportunities […]

The practice of advocacy as seen by French associations

This manual has been developed by Vox Populi, an association created in 2016, aiming to support French civil society’s players involved in fighting segregation, social injustice, and inequality. The manual gathers tips and good practices, but mainly guidelines and recommendations, for policy and decision makers. The main purpose of the association, and of this manual, […]

Guidelines for stricter cooperation of employment for asylum seekers and refugees

FEDASIL, manager of the host network, developed these guidelines in collaboration with several European partners. This document includes data on migrants and asylum seekers, an assessment of the European framework of labour inclusion, and several guidelines and examples of good practices on Screening, Skills Gap Bridging and Matching.

Duo for a Job- Intergenerational coaching

DUO for a JOB connects young unemployed immigrants with people over 50 who have professional experience in relevant fields, and who can mentor and support them in job seeking. The mentor and the mentored meet together for at least 2 hours per week for six months. 3 out of every 4 mentored find a job, […]

Gender perspective oriented labour counselling

This document aims to support the labour counsellor in incorporating the gender perspective into sessions. It has a specific section on how to proceed, and how to understand a female migrant user.

Seeds for pedagogy of care

The material on which this text is based has been generated collectively: there are reflections, analysis and proposals that come from different parts of the world, from different experiences and approaches. The aim of the material is to provide some orientations, perspectives and ideas for the pedagogy of care in educational spaces.

Agents of Adult Education Manual

Manual of the Institute of Educational Technologies (ITE) for Adult Educators. It consists of four modules which deal with educational intervention (types of learning, the individual adult, adult learning, learning difficulties, heterogeneity in the adult condition etc.), typology and functions, cultural, social, and labour action, and intervention strategies. Complementary material on adult education by other […]

AOSLA: Resources

Set of OER, published by the national job counsellors’ association, that covers aspects such as group activities to learn how to reformulate questions on a positive note.

White Paper on Innovative Training Methodologies in the Public Administration

Book of the Andalusian Institute of Public Administration, which aims to serve as a guide for teachers and training management staff. It Introduces new technologies in teaching, with special reference to adult learning, in the chapter “What to do so that adults learn effectively?” It includes 15 success stories, 10 resources for digital teaching and […]

Linguistic Support for Adult Refugees

The Council of Europe has prepared an online toolkit to offer practical support to organisations providing linguistic assistance for adult refugees, for it is essential to enable refugees to learn to communicate in the host society as quickly as possible. The toolkit fulfils this need by facilitating exchanges,initially in emergency situations, and subsequently educating refugees […]