School of Migrant Chefs

L’Ecole des Cuistots Migrateurs (School of Migrant Chefs) is a non-profit association aiming to prepare refugees to get a kitchen porter Diploma. The training is free and lasts 4 and a half months, including a 3-weeks internship in a restaurant. It includes French language courses, practical training, and personalized support.


The ARCADA project, launched in 2005 by the CIRE association, offers courses and workshops compatible with migrants’ reality of living in Belgium. The project offers internships and courses to asylum seekers willing to be professionally active, in order to broaden their network and help their careers evolve, taking into account their fragile situation.


SINGA offers entrepreneurial courses to contribute to innovation via migration, through support based on collective intelligence and intercultural exchange. SINGA enables migrants or disadvantaged people to think, develop and test entrepreneurial projects.

Good practices in migrant integration

Good practices compendium: gathering information about female migrants in Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, and Murcia, covering diverse topics such as socio-occupational integration, domestic service, training for employment and general integration. This document measures the effectiveness of the measures taken with migrants at a national level.

Women Information Centre

This organization, situated in the North of Spain, offers as part of their services a “women information centre” where women, especially those in vulnerable settings such as migrants, can receive professional advice on legal, labour and psychology matters.

Strengthening the Refugees Project

The “Strengthening the Refugees Project”, carried out by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the United Nations High Commissioner, is aimed at supporting women’s employment. Refugee women will take courses and learn to sew wedding dresses in the sewing course opened in Altındağ BELMEK. And, thanks to the cooperative to be established after the course, refugee […]


This project aims to enhace the self-reliance of refugees through life-skill training and school-support programs, in order to contribute to the sustainable life of refugees in Turkey, by strengthening their cohesion with the host community. The project is funded by PRM and started in October 2016. Education support facilities will be established in Adana and […]


This is a project to help meet the needs of people with fewer opportunities, in terms of education attached to financial services, by creating simple access material that could build the basis for empowerment, both in terms of digital skills and of financial household management. SELF-MATE [Sharing and learning Platform in financial management and literacy […]