Refugees work: a humanitarian investment that yelds economic dividends

Illustrated economic report which considers that “welcoming refugees is not a humanitarian and legal obligation; it is an investment that can yeld many economic dividends”. This detailed analysis aims to convince the reader, with data, charts, theories and facts, that refugees should not be seen as threats, but as agents of growth, providing economic opportunities […]


Originally a social start-up which has grown rapidly to become a social movement, ‘each One’ gathers citizens, students, companies, organizations etc. in its network. The main purpose of the association is to make society more inclusive and to enable everyone to reveal their potential. To do so, and among several other actions, each One has […]

Access2University- UCL Louvain Belgium

Access2University is a university preparation program for asylum seekers and refugees who plan to attend university. They must have a minimum level in the national language. They can participate in three types of activities: – French courses – At least a course in the field of study – Guidance support to define the study project


SINGA offers entrepreneurial courses to contribute to innovation via migration, through support based on collective intelligence and intercultural exchange. SINGA enables migrants or disadvantaged people to think, develop and test entrepreneurial projects.

Duo for a Job- Intergenerational coaching

DUO for a JOB connects young unemployed immigrants with people over 50 who have professional experience in relevant fields, and who can mentor and support them in job seeking. The mentor and the mentored meet together for at least 2 hours per week for six months. 3 out of every 4 mentored find a job, […]

Empowering migrants at the territorial level

“My JMDI Toolbox” offers a flexible and comprehensive tool for local stakeholders (local authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia, international organizations etc.) to mainstream migration into local development planning, in order to be able to better harness the development potential of migration. The contents of the Toolbox were designed as a direct response to the […]

Empowering Women Migrant Workers from South Asia

UN Women has developed this toolkit for Gender-Responsive Employment and Recruitment. The Toolkit provides comprehensive guidance on ensuring the protection and promotion of the rights of women migrant workers throughout the labour migration cycle. The Toolkit includes a policy brief series that describes the process of establishing national, bilateral, and regional policy protections. The Gender-Responsive […]

REST project

The main aim of REST is to enhance staff managers’ competences and willingness to employ and to successfully interact with refugees. The project is going to develop a comprehensive modular training concept consisting of face-to-face workshops, coaching support and training material, as well as networking facilities on an internet platform to assist enterprises in the […]

Competendo: Digital toolbox

The digital toolbox of Competendo gathers some tools and materials that, following their mission, builds a bridge between the theoretical dimension (competency concept and validation frameworks), societal impact (socio-political dimension), and the practical working fields of workers in formal and non-formal education (field dimension).