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Code of Practice for Protecting Persons Employed in Other People’s Homes

It was agreed, in Section 23.2 of Part 2 of “Toward 2016 – Ten Years Framework Social Partnership Agreement 2006 – 2015”, that the Labour Relations Commission would develop a code of practice that would:
– set out the employment rights and protections for persons employed in other people’s
– encourage good practice and compliance with the law concerning the employment of
people in others’ homes
– increase awareness of the application of relevant legislation and codes of practice with
regards to the sector

The provisions of the code include:
– the obligation to provide a written statement of terms and conditions of employment
– safeguarding of privacy
– the personal possessions of the employee must not be held by the employer, for
example, passport, travel documents.
– the treatment of accommodation and making of any deductions
– additional duties will be by prior agreement only and out-of-pocket expenses will be
reimbursed promptly
– the facilitation of the employee in the free exercise of personal pursuits
– the employee’s right to join a trade union

Overall, the Code of Practice states that domestic workers have the same employment rights and protections as any other employee under Irish law and the employer must inform them of their rights.


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